1. Do you give discounts?

I offer a 10% discount for current client referrals that result in new work.

2. Will you write a sample article before I hire you?

Only if you’re willing to pay for a sample article at my normal rate. If not, before you decide to hire me, please view my clips and testimonials.

3. Do we need a contract?

Absolutely! A contract outlines everyone’s responsibilities. It doesn’t only protect me. It protects you too. You can view my standard contract here.

4. What are your rates?

My rates range from $0.10 per word to $1.00 per word, depending on niche experience, required interviews, and research scope.  Shoot me an email for a free quote.

5. Can you do a rush job?

Yes. Rush jobs require either an upfront 50% payment OR  a complete payment via check or Paypal three days after completing the project. A signed contract is also required.

6. Do you provide pictures with your articles?

I send two to three stock photos with each article for free. If you’re looking for unique photos or artwork, either from me or from someone else, there’s usually an extra fee. 

7. Do you ever write for free?

I rarely work for free or in-kind payment such as free subscriptions, non-profit write-offs, or testimonials. However, if you work in the animal conservation field or have an idea for a human interest piece, send it my way. At the very least, I might be able to get the organization or person some exposure on a paying blog or in a trade and/or consumer magazine.

8. Do you work with start-ups?

I love working with start-ups!  Many of my clients launched their sites and/or magazines in the last one to two years. While these organizations have a less flexible budget, they offer greater creative control.

9. Can I pay you to put backlinks in your article?

Seriously, no. It’s completely unethical. Any website employing this “black hat” SEO technique is liable to be penalized by Google for a minimum of six months.

10. Can I use your photos for free?

You’re welcome to embed my Instagram photos. However, if you see a picture that you’re interested in using that’s not publicly available or you’d like a higher resolution photo, send me an email. We’ll work something out.

12. Are there types of assignments that you won’t take?

Yes. I won’t write high schoolers’ or college students’ term papers in exchange for payment because it’s against almost every college’s academic policy. And, of course, I won’t write hate speech.

Interviewees & Personal Representatives

1. When will the article that I’m featured in be published?

Depending on the media outlet, the article that you’re featured in might be published within a couple of weeks, months, or even years. However, as soon as it’s published, I’ll send you a link or PDF via email.

2. Can we have a face-to-face interview?

If you live in the Knoxville area or if the publication pays for travel, I’d be happy to arrange a face-to-face interview. Otherwise, we’ll need to chat via phone, email, Skype, or Google Hangouts.

3. I found a typo or misinformation in the article about me. What should I do?

If the article is in print, there’s little that can be done. (Sorry!) Depending on the magazine or newspaper, the managing editor might print a retraction or correction in the next issue. If the article is live online, notify me of the error within 7 business days of it being posted. If I have access to the article, I’ll fix the issue myself. If not, I’ll notify the editor — who will decide whether to fix it or leave it.

4. Do I have to share the article that I’m featured in?

While I’d love for you to share the article that you’re featured in, it’s not a requirement. You’ll never be denied an interview for refusing to use social media.

5. Do you record your interviews?

To ensure accuracy, I record all of my interviews. If this makes you uncomfortable, please let me know in advance. And we’ll go with old-school pen and paper.  If there’s something you’d like to share and you don’t want it repeated, simply tell me. It’s off the record. My lips are sealed! I promise.

6. What timezone are you in?

I’m in the Eastern Standard Time Zone.

7. I have a story that I’d like you to pitch.

Great! Send me a message with your name and your story idea. You’ll also get brownie points for including photos or website links. While I read all of my emails,  I can’t promise that your idea will be a good fit or that it’ll be accepted for publication.

8. May I see a picture of your cat?

I’m glad that you asked! Just warning you: we are now fur friends for life. [Laughs.] Seriously, though, I’m always willing to gush about my cat Queenie—which is why some family and friends have muted my Instagram and Twitter feeds. A Manx, this half-pint is a firecracker and a full-time clown with a very independent streak.

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